Voters’ Trust

Warner deserves to be re-elected

Getting as many people as possible out to vote and holding a secure, honest election need not be mutually exclusive, despite what you may have been led to believe during this ultra-political year.

West Virginia’s chief elections officer, Secretary of State Mac Warner, is making both things happen here.

Warner, a 23-year veteran of the U.S. Army for whom service comes naturally, is up for re-election on Nov. 3. During his three and one-half years in office, he has given voters multiple reasons to keep him there.

Businesses have benefited from Warner’s handling of his office’s interactions with them. But with the focus this fall on elections, it is appropriate to look at what Warner has accomplished there.

He gives much of the credit to election officials in the 55 counties, and it is true they have worked wonders in cleaning up voter registration rolls.

When Warner came into office, voter registration lists had been neglected for many years. Tens of thousands of names of dead people, convicted criminals, those who had changed addresses and others registered improperly needed to be removed.

Under Warner’s leadership, that happened. Again, it could have been done previously, but it was not.

Voter suppression? Hardly. After Warner took office, 193,00 names that should not have been on voter lists were removed. Yet now, the state has 7,671 more voters than when he began, largely because of Warner’s efforts to register young people.

What about security? Warner is recognized as a national leader in keeping elections secure and honest. He helps teach election officials in other states how it is done.

We endorse Warner for re-election as West Virginia secretary of state. He has earned voters’ trust.


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