‘Green technology’ project in W.Va. is big news

West Virginians have been promised too many high-tech energy developments, only to see plans for them crumble, to count our chickens before they are hatched. Still, an announcement Monday is wonderful news.

Gov. Jim Justice revealed an in-state company, Blue Rock Manufacturing, is partnering with a Welsh firm, DST Innovations, on a development that is “at the forefront of green technology.” It is intended to use materials such as coal to create what the governor called “new clean-energy storage solutions.”

At first, the new manufacturing facility will be in Morgantown. An expansion into southern West Virginia is envisioned.

Eventually, the partnership could create as many as 1,000 new jobs in our state.

Justice is right to be excited. Reliance on “green energy” is impossible without development of new electricity storage technologies. DST needs them to store electricity it plans to generate from ocean tides at a site in Wales.

Ensuring West Virginia remains a player in the energy industry is critical. The new partnership could help accomplish that.


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