Boos & Applause

Applause to everyone who has helped administer the COVID-19 vaccinations. The Randolph County Senior Center was one of the first entities in the area to assist in providing seniors with the COVID-19 vaccinations. Officials with the City of Elkins have provided the Phil Gainer Community Center as the host of mass vaccinations clinics. And leaders from Davis Health System have stepped up and helped coordinate the clinics. Countless volunteers have made strong contributions by doing everything from seating people to disinfecting tables after vaccinations were administered. These tremendous volunteer efforts show the strength of our community, and just how much local residents care.

Applause to the political candidates in both Elkins and Belington. Both cities have four candidates on the ballot for mayor and every council seat in both cities have multiple citizens on the ballot. There hasn’t been that much interest in city politics in years. We applaud them all for taking interest in their communities and volunteering for the job of leading their respective cities in the right direction.

Applause to city and state Department of Highways snow removal crews. The amount of snowfall this February has to be among the most we’ve had in years. Regardless, the snowplows came through and all of the crews have done an excellent job this year removing the snow and laying down the salt.

Applause to our local board of educations for leading the preparation efforts to welcome students back to school. As March rolls around on Monday, it will be great seeing school buses on the road and hopefully lots of laughter in the playgrounds during recess. We owe it to our kids to provide them the best possible tools to achieve success in life, and it starts with a good education. One can only imagine how rough it has been for children over the past year. It’s time to move forward and get our kids back on track, and that means back in school. We applaud everyone helping to make this happen.


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