Boos & Applause

Applause to Karen Wilmoth. She has represented Fourth Ward on Elkins City Council since 2019. She also represented Fourth Ward from 2005-2009. She has also served on the Municipal Properties and Economic Growth and Development committees. Her efforts on behalf of the city have been appreciated and she will be missed on Elkins City Council.

Applause to Bobbi Trimboli, members of Our Town, Inc., a group of D&E students, missionaries from The Church of Latter Day Saints and the Children’s Museum planning committee for decorating and displaying creative flowers throughout downtown Elkins as part of the Sprout into Spring celebration. Today is the first day of spring, and volunteers have also put colorful ribbons on some of the trees to welcome the season. Enjoy the vibrant colors and decorations the organizers have created to beautify the town.

Applause to the Elkins Parks and Recreation Commission for their decision this week to offer use of the Phil Gainer Center at no cost to nonprofit organizations. Because of the financial effects COVID-19 has had on all nonprofit organizations during the past year, the center will now be available until the end of 2021 to host fundraising events for free. Officials said the Center could potentially be used as a staging area for a drive-thru fundraiser, or as the hub for a virtual fundraiser. Also, a group could potentially use the PGCC kitchen to prepare meals that are distributed in the parking lot.

Applause to Elkins City Council for creating a water board. Elkins residents are paying for a new state-of-the-art water plant facility that went online a few years ago. Many local residents have complained about occasional dirty water since the new facility was completed. The proposed ordinance stated that the city wanted to create a Water Board for “the assurance and protection of the citizens of the city and for the purpose of assuring the holders of the bonds of the city payable from the income and revenues of the system of efficient supervision, operation and maintenance thereof.” We see this as a positive move in the right flow of things.

Applause to Julie Civiello for her rescue efforts in saving a hawk in downtown Elkins. Civiello, along with co-workers at Davis Trust Company, did the right thing when she noticed the injured hawk in the road while parking her car. Civiello’s swift action by contacting a professional– Jo Santiago with the U.S. Forest Service –who helped save this hawk’s life. After being treated at the Avian Conservation Center of Appalachia in Morgantown, the hawk was released back into the wild at the Elkins Train Depot.


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