Making Right Call on Admissions

West Virginia University has made a good decision in extending the relaxed requirements for test scores for students applying for admission. In fact, if they have not already done so, other institutions of higher learning should follow suit.

At WVU, the extension will carry through the admission period for students in spring 2023.

“Just as we did in fall and spring 2021, if a student is not able to take the SAT or ACT, we will still admit them to WVU as long as they have shown academic ability on other areas of their application,” said George Zimmerman, WVU assistant vice president of Enrollment Management.

“For example, we have found that GPA is often a better predictor of college success and reflects a student’s overall academic performance.”

It is enough to make one wonder whether the folks at WVU have begun to suspect not only that the effects of the coronavirus pandemic may be longer reaching than we had previously hoped, but also that all those expensive college entrance exams may not be necessary. Remember, the SAT last year cost $52 for the standard version, $68 to include the essay portion, and there was a $30 fee for registering late. That’s just one example. And, of course, that means there are some students whose families can afford to let them take multiple shots at the test, while others may be lucky to get one chance.

Test scores may still be required for maximum financial aid, but WVU is making strides on that as well, as many students will qualify for a significant amount of money through the Go First Scholarship awarded on high school GPA.

Colleges and universities are learning a lot from the changes that have taken place in the last year or so.

If it is proven the relaxed requirements on test scores are good for both students and WVU, this should be one extension that becomes permanent.


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