Take Advantage of Tire Collection Event

We’ve all had the experience of taking a drive or hike through our incredible West Virginia hills, and just when the beauty and serenity has begun to work its magic a glance over the hill reveals a makeshift dump site tumbling down toward a stream or bottom.

Often featured in these eyesores are discarded tires. West Virginia’s Department of Environmental Protection is offering a better way to dispose of tires this month, with tire collection events across the state.

For local residents, the closest option will be on Sept. 15 at the Barbour County Fairgrounds.

Other options include Sept. 15 at the Summersville Arena and Conference Center in Nicholas County; Sept. 25 at the Jackson County Fairgrounds; or Sept. 29 at the Beckley Raleigh County Convention Center.

According to the DEP, other counties will be holding ongoing tire collection events, the dates and times of which can be found on their websites.

But for the state events, up to 10 car or light truck tires (off the rims) can be disposed of, per person.

That’s a lot of space to clear up in the garage, without resorting to illegal and harmful dumping.

Counties often hold other collection events for items such as paint or other chemicals, but if you’ve been wondering what to do with big items like tires — and you’re conscientious enough not to burn them or toss them over the hill — now’s your chance.

Do your part.


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