Technology Can Enhance Access

Our world changed dramatically as lockdowns in response to the pandemic forced us to figure out new ways of doing our jobs, learning and communicating. As is often the case, some of those adjustments to a bad situation may end up having long-term positive effects.

Certainly the realm of remote interaction through video calls and virtual meetings has opened up a host of possibilities.

West Virginia’s Supreme Court sees one potential change in a new remote technology project that will improve both safety and access for those involved in sexual assault and domestic violence cases. The new judicial access project is part of a pilot system to be used first in Cabell County, but which should eventually expand across the state. According to the Associated Press, domestic violence and sexual assault advocates had raised concerns about the safety of victims, and access to the court system, which can be addressed in part by developing this remote option.

Imagine being able to feel safer and more confident in testifying -maybe even being better able to provide testimony that would help put away a violent offender for a long time. Beginning with a test run in Cabell County Family Court in Huntington, that possibility may soon exist.

Kudos to those who saw the potential for remote technology to do more than just make it easier for us to join in on staff meetings and classroom sessions. The improvement will make a big difference for the most vulnerable of victims.


Here’s an interesting one: masks can be dangerous … if they are hanging from the rear-view mirror .

Though it is something we probably should have retained from our Driver’s Education classes, a refresher is always helpful — don’t hang anything from the rear-view mirror. AAA East Central issued a reminder this is a safety hazard, and pointed out during the pandemic, many people have been hanging their masks off the rear-view mirror.

That’s a problem. Anything hanging off the mirror can potentially block the field of vision and put the driver and others at risk.

Most of us try to be proactive in preventing accidents.

Many are guilty of giving in to distractions such as hand-held electronic devices or eating while driving.

Those things are even more dangerous if there is the added hazard of limited field of vision. Do your part in keeping yourself and others safe. Put that mask somewhere else while driving. In fact, never hang anything from the rear-view mirror.

Oh, and if you have a reusable cloth mask, maybe take it inside and wash it, while you’re at it.


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