Helping Residents Rebuild Their Lives

It is important to remember the holidays are not an easy time for everyone. This holds especially true for those working toward a fresh start as they break the bonds of addiction.

West Virginia’s Jobs and Hope program has been working toward alleviating some of those challenges, particularly with the West Virginia Game Changer program’s “Change Their Holiday” promotion to “ensure families recovering from opioid and substance misuse are provided the financial means to enjoy a happy holiday season.”

But something more important is in the works. With a revamped online presence, Jobs and Hope is meant to help those in recovery start the journey toward a good job. Finding employment is not easy for those who are reinventing themselves, but there are partners willing to help.

“As we were developing this new site, it was important that we incorporated the program’s many successes and shared real stories of those who have completed their journeys,” said Jobs and Hope WV Lead Transition Agent Deb Harris. “We hope these stories serve as inspiration and encouragement to those who are looking for guidance and a fresh start.”

Should you or someone you know be in need of its support, this holiday season is a perfect time to take advantage of it, at jobsandhope.wv.gov/start-your-journey/.

Inspirational stories, resources to begin the process and knowing there is hope and a team rooting for those in recovery to rebuild their lives — we should all be thankful such a program is at work in the Mountain State.


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