Council shouldn’t take up rights issue

It does the heart good to see someone like Mike House stand up and speak out against the pseudo rights protectors (Elkins City Council) who, on Friday, March 24, declared they are merely protecting the rights of all peoples by drafting these unenforceable resolutions and ordinances, or in this case creating a human rights commission which will waste time and take away more valuable time that could be used in actually doing good things for your town of Elkins instead of trying to attract those members of an alternate lifestyle, namely the LGBTQ community.

What do you intend to do? Are you going to make a special website for Elkins boasting about your empathy for LGBTQ folks and perhaps advertise on the numerous gay websites coaxing them to move here because, “we are open to all peoples?” Do you have a plan to get them a job? What about illegal aliens, are you going to treat them with the same respect? You know that the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that illegals have certain constitutional rights, so they also are an oppressed group who need special protections.

Committee Chair Nanci Bross-Fregonara says what we want to do is show people that this town looks inclusive and appreciates diversity of all types. She also said there are already issues that suggest we need a human rights commission. Then she alluded there may be trouble with ethnicity. Bulloney! (Bad spelling intended.)

Pastor House called her on those statements, and she danced. If you can dance well, you don’t have to answer the question. If I lived in Elkins, I’d be at the next meeting and call in advance so you could bring some certified reports.

Mr. House was right. I personally believe if there was a lot of trouble or some incident turned out very bad, The Inter-Mountain would certainly print it. I’m not remembering anything lately.

Two years ago, then-council member Joe Sabatino stopped just short of accusing Mark Scott, now a county commissioner, of encroaching on separation of church and state, which is generally accepted under most applications, as guaranteed in the constitution.

Mr. Scott was doing nothing of the sort. He was exercising his right to express his disdain for what he believed to be immoral acts between two (or more) people, and the constitution is clear that he has that right. I know plenty of people who avoid religion at all costs but still have contempt for such immorality, and I also know plenty of church people who believe LGBTQ people deserve the same respect as anyone else in the church pew. They didn’t get that attitude from the Bible.

The best way to deal with these people is to not elect them to office. Mr. Scott believes, as do I and Pastor House, that homosexual activity is wrong and offensive and local governments have no business or burden meddling with it, especially to the extent council wants to carry it. Also, when you start reprimanding your contemporaries (in this case, Mr. Scott) in a public forum, it quickly shows your true colors.

Elkins Council has been charmed to an excess by the Fairness Elkins and Buckhannon chapters of Fairness West Virginia and fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Citizens of Elkins, you don’t need this. Certain members of your City Council seem to be misdirecting their authority on things they can’t enforce. I urge you to keep an eye on the dates and time of the committee and council meetings and GO! They’re supposed to be posted online. Check every day.

Keep up the pressure, Pastor House. Thank you, Linda Vest for the reprieve. Perhaps you will get more support now that it’s out there.


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