Protection not wasteful spending

Most likely, your dictionary will define the words “a one-track mind” as intentionally focusing on a single subject to a degree that probably also meets the definition of obsession. I’m referring, of course, to Mr. Lloyd Price’s letter to the editor in the April 1 edition of The Inter-Mountain.

While I’m at it, I might as well refer, once more, to the recent contributions from Mr. Edward Brenwalt. Both writers seem to be focused on losing the election in November and can’t let it go. There are a few others, and if you follow the Saturday paper you’ve probably read them, but I’m going out on a limb and say that the two aforementioned writers actually sum up the feelings of a large number, but not a majority, of West Virginians.

Actually, Trump carried every county, which is a miracle of sorts for I know people in the southern half of the state and they need a real good reason to vote for a Republican. They must have had such a reason since they voted Republican in the last three elections, but since Obama won the national vote twice our local Democrat friends didn’t utter a peep about their neighbor’s conservative vote or the fact that the Republican candidate always carried the state.

I’d like to address Mr. Price’s complaining about all those dollars thrown away on protection and transportation for President Trump. I’ll be glad to talk about extravagance when Mr. Price can put together and publish a comprehensive report that justifies his High Commander Obama’s borrowing more money in eight years than all the other previous presidents combined, nearly doubling the national debt to $19 trillion-plus. He threw zillions of dollars at Cash For Clunkers, several green energy companies who took the money, then abruptly closed the doors and absconded with the cash, and you can’t forget the GM and Chrysler bail-out. Both companies were allowed to write off billions of dollars of debt with Obama’s blessing. I’m not even going to talk about TARP, another giveaway program.

The President of the United States Of America is afforded certain luxuries, free of charge, and not subject to remuneration simply because of his job title. You can disagree with this privilege all you want to, but you’re barking up the wrong tree, Mr. Price.

Our members of Congress bestowed these privileges over the years as they felt like it, and when the Boeing 707s got too old to maintain properly they authorized the money for two 747s during Reagan’s tenure. Wikipedia says Nancy Reagan designed much of the interior, although the first 747 Air Force One wasn’t delivered until George H.W. Bush’s term. Now Boeing is building two brand new 747s but they won’t be delivered this decade — rather sometime in the 2020s. An important note: President Trump negotiated a reduction in the cost of the planes. Now why would a spendthrift want to do that?

To sum up, all the money spent on a president’s travel and security is like shaking your large piggy bank and getting a few coins for ice cream. Trillions of dollars are wasted or given away on frivolous programs, and keeping the president safe is low cost when you look at the big picture of waste in government. The election is over, friends, let’s go forward!


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