Reader wants an Elkins public pool

Another summer has come and gone without a public pool for the families of Randolph County.

Every summer the families of our community travel to other counties to utilize their outdoor pools. While we are in these other counties, we fill up our gas tanks at their gas stations and eat at their restaurants.

Barbour County, Upshur County, Lewis County, Shinnston, Grafton and Franklin all have outdoor pools. Why can’t Randolph County or the city of Elkins (or these two groups working together) accomplish this for their residents? I do not claim to know where all the money comes from or where all the money goes but something doesn’t add up.

Sorry kids, we don’t have a pool, but I hope you have fun riding your bike on a $1 million bridge across Harrison Avenue to Go Mart. Let’s go get that slushy.

Jessica Currence



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