Solution to pollution

I harp on this so much I’m sure people have started to avoid me.

Every other day I see pristine beaches covered in plastic refuse. Or read articles about how we produce enough plastic bottles every year to reach to the moon and back. The pollution has to stop and there is a simple place to start it — Glass Bottling Company.

When I grew up in the 70’s glass bottles were 10 cents to return them. If I saw a bottle along the road I stopped and picked it up, thus less pollution.

It’s got to start somewhere, why not create jobs? In West Virginia, no less. There has to be an investor (Coca-Cola perhaps.) Plastic is made of crude oil, the empty bottles will be here for thousands of years. Make the return for empties 25 cents and you won’t see any pollution created by empty water, soda, beer, etc bottles. We need some big contributors to make this happen.

Timothy Simmons



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