Visitor charmed by beauty of Elkins

I recently visited Elkins for the Augusta Oldtime Week, and can’t get over the beauty of your town and the welcome I met in the merchants and residents.

I’m inspired to write because I saw the construction going on at the Elkins Water Works, the old building on Barron Avenue, and hoped that it might not be too late to save the building or at least incorporate its facade into whatever building comes next.

Honoring the history represented by this building is helpful to people who might not otherwise realize how even old buildings with relatively pedestrian functions were not just functional, but often beautiful, as is the case with this 1921 building long before the Works Progress Administration projects also well represented in your town and county.

I so enjoy the mix of old and new in Elkins, and the deep respect for local history, our shared heritage.

Carol Denney

Berkeley, California


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