Who is number one?

Who am I? I am number one.

Not the United States. Not the people. Just me. I hold town meetings. I clap for myself. If 1,500 people show up, I say there are 15,000, and they are lined up for blocks outside trying to get in.

I say Putin is the greatest leader there is. I said I would build a wall, and Mexico will pay for it. I said Mexicans are murders or rapists.

I put Muslims down as haters of Americans. I brag about grabbing women in private places. I call people names. I have been caught up in over 500 lies in just 70 days in office. I have bragged about doing more in my time in office than anyone before me.

Who am I? Could you believe I am your president? The president of the United States. I am Donald J. Trump.

Lloyd Price



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