Wiping out traces of American culture

I started this letter some weeks ago and was delayed finishing until now, and it has worked out well, since Mr. Robert Ware of French Creek had a masterpiece offering in Saturday’s Inter-Mountain (Aug. 19). The sad reality is, of course, that Mr. Ware is correct and very tuned in to what is going on and it seems that 99.99 percent of America has no clue.

Mr. Ware’s comparison of ISIS wiping out all traces of other civilizations and cultures is exactly what’s going on in the USA, and I couldn’t come up with any statement more poignant and to the point than Mr. Ware. These are truly sad times for America.

As Mr. Ware knows, the radical hoodlums who are led and fed by the Democratic Party want to destroy and eradicate our past and apologize to every black person for every atrocity since the Mayflower landing. Some people are saying that most of them don’t care about an apology of words. They seek cash reparation, the more the merrier. I agree.

Let’s start with $1 million for every black person alive today and over the age of 18 and leave the door open for future payments to those already born as they reach age 18. This will bring peace and harmony to our nation and we can all go on happily with our lives. It will end racial prejudice in our country and street crime and violence will be virtually curtailed. We will be able to travel anywhere and everywhere in America without fear of being robbed or harmed in some way. I can’t wait for this to happen. I have put on the market the family multi-million dollar oceanfront mansion high on the mountain where I was reared in Randolph County so that I can be ready to go traveling once the cash reparations are made.

Okay, no more sarcasm, I promise, but we’re not done. Someone on the news told us that there are literally hundreds of Civil War monuments and statues, not to mention those huge wall plaques in the lobbies of hundreds more state and federal office buildings, mainly across the South. They all must go.

Wikipedia lists eight former Presidents who were slave owners, with James Buchanan being a questionable mentionable. All things that bear their name or likeness, including schools and universities, must be destroyed or have the name changed. Goodbye Mount Rushmore, so long Jefferson Memorial, adios Washington Monument. I especially want to be there when it’s brought down. That’s going to be a sight!

We all know that slavery is wrong and it should never have happened. Wikipedia says that a Spaniard named George Santayana gave us the phrase “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Many versions have made the rounds recently, and it’s time we say enough and go on with life and vow to make it better. We can’t make it better if we don’t know how it used to be.

All of this sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? It will never happen, you say? Well, almost no one ever thought that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy would sanction gay marriage either, but he did, in spite of being Catholic. I wouldn’t want to be him on Judgement Day.

Our leaders in Washington and all the way down to small town city councils are obsessed with discrimination against blacks and homosexuals. What good has come out of the resolutions passed in Elkins and Buckhannon? Does anyone reading this letter have a study that shows a positive improvement in the community after those gay rights resolutions?

Call or visit your local leaders and let them know there are many things that need attention much more than someone being protected because of the lifestyle they choose to practice. Anyone who has full control of how they live and choose an “alternate” lifestyle should be ready for whatever repercussions they receive, and stop the whining. I know some of the treatment is horrible and shouldn’t happen, but there you go.

Harold Arbogast



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