Debate after tragedy

After the recent tragedy in Florida, arguments are erupting over who or what is to blame. Was the FBI at fault? Maybe. I would not rule out the possibility of law enforcement failing to act with utmost integrity.

But it this goes so much further than that. That shooter and all the others before him are/were deranged and evil, and the problem is/was that they got their guns, military-grade assault rifles, way too easily. I do not want to hear how it was the fault of the killer/s and not the weapon/s they used, because that is only laying the blame on half of who is responsible.

And if you are one of those people who thinks that a gun ban will not do anything to help, then I invite you to answer this: There have been gun bans in other parts of the world, and these countries have not suffered in the same ways that the U. S. has. Britain, Australia, Canada. Tell me, gun over-enthusiasts, why is it that gun bans work in those countries, and yet why would it not work for ours? Why is it, with so many guns in the U.S., that our country is the only one amongst the developed world in which these mass killings happen?

These are the facts, people. We cannot blame just the FBI and think that is the end of it. It is an insult to every last person who has suffered through these far too numerous mass shootings to say that we need more guns! It is nothing more than gun nuts saying that they love their guns more than any individual human being, and they make me sick.

It is time (figuratively speaking, of course) to burn the NRA to the ground, and the only way to do that is to get their selected-and-enriched politicians of choice out of Washington, D.C. If you people want to see good, honest and effective change, and I know that the majority of Americans want this madness to stop, then you have only one thing to do: Stop. Voting. For. Republicans.

Edward S. Brenwalt



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