Where will the funds come from?

Now that the strike is over, did the teachers get everything they walked out for? They said it was not only for a raise but also for PEIA. The teachers are on a contract. Did they get paid on this illegal strike? Who gets shafted if they did? No one but the taxpayers and kids.

One sign they held up said “We love our kids and our job, but we can’t live on love.” How will the state come up with the money? Will they want another levy? If so, it is the old people who will get hurt again as on the last levy — property taxes doubled. While they enjoy their raise some of the elderly live on less than $10,000 a year.

Our neighbor, who was in her 80s, only got a little more than $600 a month. There are many more like her out there. These people can’t go on vacation, afford new cars, go out to nice restaurants; some can hardly buy their meds.

A $2,000 per child tax credit is given on income tax returns. If there are 10 kids in a family, that is $20,000 in unearned tax credit they get that they didn’t work for. It’s not fair to the taxpayers. If people can’t afford to see that their kids have everything they need like food, clothes, housing and medicine, they shouldn’t have them. It’s about time the people elected wake up and open their eyes and stop wasting tax money.

The board of education used the insurance money from Homestead School elsewhere and then closed the school. They sold other school property. Where did the money go, and what was it used for? They think it’s cheaper to buy buses, upkeep on them, insurance, fuel and drivers than to repair buildings as needed and not let them run down. For example, Elkins High, Third Ward, Central schools were not safe and in need of repair to keep as schools. But, now they are apartment buildings. Look at Harman School, it most likely would have closed if the people hadn’t started fundraisers to try to get it repaired. The valley was doing the same for Homestead, but it was closed anyway.

Election time is the time to throw out the bad apples and get some new — hopefully smarter — people in office.

Robert Phillips



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