Reader calls for political change

Well, John and Jane Q. Public (voters), we “got it” again.

In a recent newspaper article we learned, for the first time, that an administrative assistant at the (Randolph) County Commission has been on paid leave due to a hostile working environment which resulted in two commissioners voting to pay our tax money to settle with her ($23,000) plus legal fees of which they did not disclose the amount. (Now remember, this is our tax dollars they are spending.)

I firmly believe we the public should be fully informed who created the controversy and the total dollar amount it cost us out of our taxes, so come judgment day (Election Day) that commissioner should be held to task.

Come on, people, it is time to make changes from these people who so willingly increase our taxes, such as the addition of a county fire fee (tax), without our vote.

Jerry W. Trimboli



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