Should Elkins police be better paid?

I have read with interest local news concerning our local policemen — particularly Boatwright and Sayre. It seems that all our city law enforcement officers are actively seeking out those who cross the legal lines concerning drugs. In a meeting at our City Hall, I read that these policemen were seeking higher wages. Surrounding towns are offering better pay and benefits that our little city. I totally agree with these fine young people!

There has been much controversy regarding run-down properties, refurbishing historic buildings, getting new businesses and encouraging tourism within our county. These things are all important; however, with the drugs and drug-related crimes in our area, why entice others to come into our town? Beautiful buildings, lots of commerce and attractions are all terrific, but, do we want our visitors to see the drug dealers on the streets, the destruction to our local businesses because of those “hanging around” the storefronts?

Our policemen are striving to make Elkins a great place not only to visit but to make homes here, raise our children in a safe environment, and have businesses come and prosper. All these are vital to Elkins! Please, find money in our city coffers to give these fine servants the resources they need to work here, live here and raise their families here. Obviously, they are serving our town because they love Elkins — not for the meager wages they collect while putting their lives in jeopardy for all of us.

Pastor Ann Fretwell