Political holiday messages

I would like to take this time to give a couple of holiday messages. The first goes to everyone who voted for Trump. A “Bah, Humbug” to you.

To everyone who stuck with Trump for these last two years, despite all of the atrocities and just plain embarrassments he has caused us, you have earned double the “Bah, Humbugs.”

When Trump created an air of animosity towards migrants, journalists and foreign allies, you decided that was not bad enough to renounce him. When Trump turned a blind eye and deaf ear every time one of his psychopathic followers killed or attempted to kill people, you decided that was not enough to call his behavior even remotely appalling. When Trump decided to separate innocent children from their parents or tear gas them with no regard for their well-being, you decided that was not worth getting bothered over. When Trump insulted and publicly disrespected world leaders that we had counted on as close allies and yet cozied up to tyrants, going so far as to look the other way when one such tyrant had brutally killed a journalist, somehow that was still not enough for you.

To everyone else, to those of us who voted not in anger, fear or just plain spite, to those of us who voted with compassion, benevolence and love … whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, Yule or Boxing Day (if any Canadians happen to be reading this), I say unto you, “Happy Holiday.”

And trust me when I say that we do have reasons to be happy. Mueller’s investigation is building a stronger case with every new day. Democrats, after winning the House in the election, are ready to charge through Trump’s flimsy defenses with their own investigations. And each passing day, we see evidence of our side being the real majority, where the Resistance continues to show just how numerous and strong we are while at the same time showing the Old Guard just how feeble their grip on power truly is.

Remember these and all of the other things that make you glad to be here, in spite of everything else that has occurred. Remember them during this festive time of the year, when we are encouraged to find joy and hope. Remember that the winter solstice is the darkest day of the year but in the end, the light returns and all becomes well and warm once more.

Happy Holidays!

Edward S. Brenwalt