President sells out to Saudi Arabia

Our president has sold us out again; this time to the prince of Saudi Arabia over oil production when we only get 10 percent of our oil from them. Trump even let’s them commit murder and that is OK with him.

I am a Christian who stopped going to church because the way the churches take up for Trump and his lies. The way he puts people down calling them names, and his conduct, I’ve herd preachers stand behind the pulpit and call Obama a liar and put him down, but yet take up for Trump, who has no feelings for the poor or sick or elderly. This is against all that Jesus spoke.

He sent our troops to Texas to just support his lies. Not to do a job. They were away from their families for Thanksgiving. There’s just nothing he won’t do to support his lies.

The GOP let’s him do what ever he wants to and just set back and let him do it. What a group they have become, gutless, no morality and just a bunch of lazy no doers.

Lloyd Price