Reader reacts to talk of recreational marijuana

There is a popular phrase that people love to use, usually with slight variations in wording from a film titled “Network” from the 70’s that goes “I’m as mad as H— and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

Well, that’s exactly how I felt when I saw the front page of the Saturday, Jan. 5 edition of The Inter-Mountain. I’ll explain what I mean shortly, but I want to present the following comment first:

Isn’t it amazing how stupidity and ignorance come to the forefront when greedy politicians see a way to get easy money without doing any work, and cozy up to the outsiders who convince them with their lies about how a big windfall like marijuana is going to solve funding problems ranging from roads and bridges to Medicaid to teachers and miners retirement and PEIA. Poppycock!

What happens when the government eavesdrops on suspected criminals who are planning a big heist? We know what happens. They go to jail for conspiracy or complicity.

What happens when a state legislature conspires to do the same thing, that is break the federal marijuana law, only on a much larger scale? Apparently nothing. Thank your community organizing 44th President for that one. More on that in a minute.

It was bad enough that our state legislators passed a pseudo medical marijuana bill in 2017. They came right back in 2018 and modified and added some things because of acting in haste the year prior, and then this year they brought in a truck load of advisors and experts a little ahead of the opening of the regular legislature session, and that’s where the latest and biggest deception begins.

I couldn’t believe that what I was reading was a criminal conspiracy to elevate this thing to a new level. Our precious and wise leader Obama put out the order years ago telling the justice department not to enforce the law for selling pot as medicine and recreational use and don’t bother the banks who handle the dirty money. Thank God Jeff Sessions took that directive out of service but it isn’t going to work like it should, not for a while anyway.

Several banks have told Charleston they won’t touch the dope money but a couple advisors at the meeting said “no problem, there are credit unions in West Virginia and border states who will be glad to take your cash.” Reader alert! It matters not if you send dirty money to Mars or the local bank, it still has to be laundered and that also is a crime.

So there it is in a nut shell. Greed over legality, caving in to dope pushers and other vermin. The legislation they passed so far is only for pill or capsule form, but they’re now talking about recreational marijuana. The beat goes on.

It’s coming, people. We’re almost there. Total loss of morals. Get your senator’s and delegate’s email address and let them know you’re aware. They are not above the law, not now, not ever.

Harold Arbogast



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