Annexation effort prompts questions

I wrote in this column back in September about a sign ordinance violation, and that Coca Cola sign is still there. Well, that same sign ordinance was the first thing mentioned when the annexation meeting opened up to the floor.

The meeting was ruckus, a lot of questions and few clear answers. I piled on and apologize for sharing my shortcomings with the city. I was raised for better behavior.

The city has a step by step plan to annex enough property around Elkins to increase its population. Elkins can apply for more grants once its population reaches 10,000. It was also said because of low population Elkins is automatically screened out of consideration by some national business chains. Elkins is said to be the 19th largest city in West Virginia.

The annexation would also extend the commercial zoning along NRA to the exit exchange of Corridor H.

The city will benefit from the collection of business taxes and licensing fees of the newly annexed commercially zoned properties.

According to WVDOH data, the Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) along North Randolph Avenue is in excess of 10,000. High traffic counts attract business. Location, Location, Location…the golden rule of real estate certainly applies to NRA.

It appears the city will need to come up with specific benefits of annexation and communicate them better.

Jimmy Phillips