Beverly candidate is making history

History was made the day local resident Becky Arbogast turned in her registration to run for an elected position in the upcoming 2019 municipal election in Beverly.

As a resident of the Beverly Manor situated at the east end of town — and wholly within corporate limits — Arbogast is the first Manor resident to file as a candidate for Beverly Town Council.

Established in 1981, the Manor’s corporate boundary status has always generated confusion on the part of townsfolk and public officials, alike. Many believed the multi-unit apartment complex to be just outside of town boundaries, or, at least, bi-sected down the middle by the Town’s farthest east boundary line.

But in late 2018 when deed searches were conducted by the Town’s attorney, Robert Chenoweth, it was proven that the Manor sits wholly within the Town’s corporate limits. This means that residents of the Manor can — and have always been eligible to — vote and run for elected municipal office, including Town Council, Town Recorder, and Mayor.

In a voting map provided by Randolph County Clerk, Brenda Wiseman, Precinct 202, Tygart District, the entrance into the Manor known as Siegal Road is clearly shown to be fully within Town limits and does not serve as the eastern border line.

At or near the small stream that leads to Files Creek to the east of Siegal Road lies the true boundary that leads to the southeastern corner of the Beverly Corporate boundary where it intersects with Files Creek.

Regional manager for both the Beverly and Elkins Manors, Brandon Sturdivant is “glad to see that Beverly is recognizing the people of Beverly Manor as residents.”

“I have a lot of great people living at the Beverly Manor,” he continued, and he is glad to hear of the candidacy of Arbogast or any others from the Manor who “are willing to help with the Town.”

A resident of the Manor for nearly a decade, Arbogast, her husband Rocky, and their daughter and son, see involvement with the community, their church, and their town as a responsibility for every citizen.

She has adopted the campaign slogan, “Improving our Community — Preserving Our Past.” Arbogast hopes that she can become a “voice of the Manor.” She sees her decision to seek office as a chance for “Council to hear feedback from a Manor resident’s point of view.”

A long-overdue sidewalk connecting the Manor to the post office is a high priority to Arbogast.

“When folks move into the Manor, they are not given any information about the Town of Beverly,” Arbogast said about the frequently-changing population occupying the complex’s 80 units.

“Some have no other place to live,” Arbogast said about the Section 8 Project-Based Rental Assistance program mandated under contract with the federal government’s Housing and Urban Development division. “There are some that have lived here for awhile like us,” Arbogast added.

“I am just a normal person that wants changes for the good of the community,” Arbogast concluded about her ideas regarding activities for youth, highway safety, and networking between local agencies and town government.

Monday, April 15 is the deadline to register to vote in the May 6 municipal election in Beverly.

Registration can be completed at the County Clerk’s office at the County Courthouse on Randolph Avenue in Elkins.

Early voting is available at the Beverly Town Hall April 23 – May 3 during normal office hours, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Early voting will also be available on Saturday, April 27, from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

For more information, call 304-636-5360.

Cindy Karelis

Mayor of Beverly