Picking your own prosecutor

If you could pick the prosecutor in your trial? How many people would be charged or convicted? How could we protect our way of life?

Trump picked his prosecutor when he named Barr as attorney general, who stated a president cannot be prosecuted while president. If that is the case then a president could shoot anyone and get by with it like they do in other countries,

We are a country where no one is above the law, not even Trump. We are not Russia. Even though Trump wants to run it like Putin.

How do you like our gas prices? You can blame it on Trump’s policy with Iran. How do you like his 9,000 lies he has told us? How does the GOP put up with him? It just shows how weak they are with no backbone.

I have never seen anyone who lies more, like Mexico building the wall or we are building the wall now; and all people who come here are rapists, murderers, thieves, belong to gangs. All lies.

Lloyd Price



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