What is the true definition of ‘thief’?

After hearing many stories of how their valuable items have been stolen from their own personal property, hunting clubs or vehicles, from our friends, family and neighbors who live in the Mabie area or surrounding little towns, along with our house/garage being broken into many times, I just wonder what is the actual definition of a thief?

A thief, aka robber, refers to one who steals.

A thief/robber takes goods or property of another without the knowledge of the owner; like a thief in the night.

A thief/robber trespasses upon the house or property and makes away with items of value that you have worked hard for.

A thief/robber is a person who steals, especially secretly; one guilty of theft or larceny.

A thief/robber is simply a person who steals something from another, a criminal law, for the person who commits theft.

When your stolen property is found on someone else’s property, shouldn’t the owner of the house/property be held responsible for that criminal law?

Not in our case; after finding our stolen property on the thief’s property, I’m really disappointed that the thief is free and yes, still free to continue his stealing in the night or even day.

Maybe I really don’t understand the law or how criminal acts are handled; but when will it end?

Secure your property and stay safe.

Trish Thomason



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