Lessons from the Mueller report

Well, well, well…

After the better part of two years, the Special Counsel, led by Robert S. Mueller III, has come out not exonerating Trump. Oh, they might not have found something that proves beyond a reasonable doubt. However, that can only be construed as Trump and his campaign staff as being too stupid to realize that they were breaking a law.

No smoking gun rife with Trump’s fingerprints was found but plenty of empty shells was discovered around his feet. And maybe it should always be pointed out that no such figurative gun was found because, according to the Mueller Report, Trump commanded his staff to destroy evidence. He told them to lie. And let us never forget this line, may it go down in history, “That’s it! My presidency is over! I’m f—-!”

What man who is not guilty does that? Answer: A nonexistent man!

This was the redacted version of the report and it paints, clear as day, an unfavorable view of Trump. Yeah, those of us who disagreed a month ago when Barr and Trump and his cronies kept saying “total exoneration” were right to do so. At the end of it all, you Trumpcakes really owe us an apology.

But will you give it to us? I will not be holding my breath. If ever there was a field of battle, where Trump was utterly defeated or abandoned you, I imagine that you would still not accept the reality that was unfolding before your very eyes. If you were to be lying on the ground, soundly beaten by the overwhelming evidence of Trump’s vileness and I ask, “What say you now?” you would, out of pure spite, utter with your dying breath, “But … her … emails…”

I doubt this will get through to the Trumpcakes who read this but I feel that I must spread the message to any potential reader … Trump is losing … He is a crook … Lock him up.

We got a report that actually backs this. Do not deny it.

Edward S. Brenwalt



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