Republican anger

What has happened to the Republican party to make them so angry? You can’t talk to them or make a comment without them calling you names and getting mad.

This started under Obama, when a congressional representative called Obama a liar, and has continued with Trump calling Sen. Cruz the son of the murderer who killed J F.K. Yet Cruz still backs Trump. How weak of a man would put up with such garbage? There’s nothing or no one to stop Trump from calling names or lying just to help himself, or make himself look better.

Now Trump has turned Mitch, Barr, Kelly Ann and a lot of others into liars, Even Pence. And none of them were like this before Trump. When this is all over with Trump, the Republican Party will be dead. But yet the ones holding office don’t care about the party, they care about themselves and now to hell with the party.

Lloyd Price



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