Robert E. Lee Ave. change proposal sparks response

The Inter-Mountain ran an article in the May 5 edition about Councilwoman Marley Hazen’s proposal to change the name of Robert E. Lee Avenue in Elkins. As you might expect, her proposal did not sit well with several people who fired back at her on the newspaper’s website, and on Facebook.

At last glance, there were 25 comments on the Inter-Mountain site alone, of which one was particularly amusing. I got a good chuckle when Lynn Bonner suggested they change the name of the road leading to the sewer plant to “Hazen Drive.” After all, it would be the appropriate place to give her proposal a proper burial.

I don’t live in Elkins, and I don’t know much about Hazen, but one reader, Patrick Mallow, suggested she move back to Tennessee if she didn’t like the names chosen for our streets, and I agree. There’s a disturbing trend of electing people from other states to public office in West Virginia, and it’s a trend that needs to stop.

These people move in, get elected to public office and immediately set about passing laws and ordinances that change the face of our communities. More times than not, they hate the people of this state, our ways, and often look down their nose at us, thinking we’re nothing more than ignorant, uneducated hillbillies, too stupid to run our own lives.

Since they aren’t natives, they have no idea what the people are like, and they aren’t interested in learning about the people and culture of this state. Some of them are teachers, others business people, and some are nothing more than liberal-minded, meddling busybodies who aren’t happy unless they’re stirring up trouble.

I don’t know where Councilwoman Hazen fits into the picture, but if the name Robert E. Lee Avenue bothers her, she must be losing sleep over the statue in front of the Harrison County Courthouse, or the one at the Capitol Building, Jackson’s Mill, Jenkins Hall at Marshall or the “Lee Tree” in Fayette County where Lee first saw his horse “Traveller.”

After recent race riots, the destruction of Civil War graveyards, monuments and other historical landmarks, I’ve had a bellyfull of people who want to destroy our nation’s heritage and history. I find it interesting that Hazen looks right past the signs on Route 33/48 paying tribute to Robert C. Byrd.

In case she isn’t aware of Byrd’s history, he was a recruiter for the “Klan” in his 20s and 30s, rising to the title of “Kleagle” and “Exalted Cyclops” of his local chapter. Where’s the outrage over Byrd’s ties to the Klan? Had Byrd been a Republican, people like her would have been all over him like Rosie O’Donnell on a Twinkie.

If this is the kind of nonsense Hazen brings to West Virginia, perhaps it is time for her to tender her resignation and move somewhere else. We have enough problems in this country without someone else fanning the flames of racism.

Randy Brooks



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