Sharing the misery

I saw a documentary about San Francisco that was absolutely disgusting. In spite of San Francisco’s elitist reputation, the city has literally turned into an open sewer. The city is laden with feces, trash, and needles are everywhere. Addicts are sleeping on the streets, in parks, and they’re using drugs in plain view of pedestrians.

In Democrat-controlled cities, it’s common place and it’s getting worse. Last week the District Attorney’s in Chicago and Dallas announced they would not prosecute low level crime. The reason they gave was absolutely ridiculous.

Food, clothing, blankets and water are generally considered items of necessity, and city officials believe it’s alright to steal these items. In Seattle, police officers are forced to look the other way because they’re no longer allowed to arrest low level criminals.

The MCCA, (Major Cities Chiefs Association) issued a “Violent Crime Survey” for 2017. The survey showed murder statistics from across the country. These are a few major cities controlled by Democrats. Baltimore had 318 murders in 2017, Chicago-650, Dallas-165, Detroit-267, LA-282, NYC-292 and Philadelphia came in at 316.

Let’s look at America’s most liberal city, Seattle. In a few short years, the Emerald City has turned into a mirror image of Central America. To get the full scope of Seattle’s transformation, watch a video called “Seattle Is Dying.” You can find the video on YouTube. You won’t believe your eyes.

Chaos is what happens when police officers are no longer allowed to perform their duties. When liberalism finds a home in your town, insanity will soon follow. Randolph County saw an example of how liberals think when the BOE ran the same levy four times, wasting thousands of dollars that should have been used for education.

West Virginia’s drug problem is out of control and instead of addressing the problem by imposing harsher penalties, the Buckhannon city council set out to reward drug addicts by handing out free needles. Other cities adopted the same policy, and their streets are littered with hundreds of contaminated needles.

They also tried passing an ordinance catering to homosexuals that would have ultimately stepped on the rights of Christian business owners. Jack Phillips, owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado saw first hand the results of passing such legislation. It took a 7-2 ruling by the Supreme Court to strike down the lawsuit.

There’s no need to travel to San Francisco, Seattle or L.A. to see the results of left-wing, liberal policies. All you need to do is look around West Virginia. There are few manufacturing jobs, the oil and gas industry is struggling, wages are low, taxes are high, our roads are a mess and our schools rank 48th in the nation.

As the saying goes, “Misery Loves Company” and Democrats will make sure you get an equal share. There is a way out. Vote Trump in 2020. It’s the only intelligent choice.

Randy Brooks



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