So much more than ‘just a mom’

Please don’t ever think you are “just a mom.” God has blessed you with a special gift of being a mother.

He has given you the ability to kiss a “bob boo,” wipe a tear from a child’s eyes, and the wound heals quickly. The tears dry up and laughter returns within seconds.

You have the ability to hear your child’s voice above all the other children in the playground. How is that? How do you know the difference of your child’s voice from another? How do you know when your child is hurting on the inside and they need you to comfort them? How can you explain the magnitude of God? God is good and He has given each mother a very special job to be the “best mom” in the world. If you do not believe me, ask a child. They will tell you who is the “best mom” in the world!

You can trust a child. They will tell you the truth. If you truly want to know how you look in “that dress,” ask them. Be ready for the truth! Why can you trust them? Well, because Mom, you have helped instill that good character of truth in them. If you want to know how you behave, look at them. They are your reflection. You have a great responsibility, a 24-hour job on most “good days,” and a stable job that last for years to come. If you ask me, that is job security! Thank you, God, for trusting us with the occupation of being a mother. Happy Mother’s day! Proverbs 22:6

Brenda Ogden

Upshur County


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