What if everything were just free?

If you’re living with your parents would you continue living with them if everything was free? Or would you go out, party and get drunk everyday? Would you still be as constricted, self-contained and responsible as you are now?

What if a Democrat Socialist won the next election and everything was free?

If everyone could get a free Ivy League education? Why would anyone even go to school at all if everything was free?

Would anyone want to be a doctor, psychiatrist, a lawyer or even a teacher? Their services would be free, meaning they would make the same money as a street mime.

What would be the point of working at a job when all your dreams have been fulfilled?

Would credit still exist? Would debt still exist?!

Would stock markets and banks still exist? What’s the point of having money if everything is free?

Would our society be devoid of crime and hate? What the heck would the point of robbery be? Would there be an illegal drug problem if everything was free?

If everyone could have everything, would greed still exist? Would the homeless still exist? Would welfare still exist? Would taxes still exist?

If everything was free, would America be more equal and stable? Or would it be filled with pure chaos?

If everything were free, what’s to stop me from taking every single good and product that exists?

Would the government stop me? I’ll have every weapon in the world.

I’ll take every single resource, every single product. I’ll even own people. They’re free, right?

My point is this: how does this liberal push for everything being free not devolve into a society ruled by a tyrant, or massive mobs of people who do nothing but loot and terrorize a society?

If you’re familiar with H. G. Wells’ “The Time Machine,” the time traveler goes far into the future and finds a people whose every need is met. The Eloi are free from adversity, yet they are soulless and selfish. The story shows how they are also a food source for the Morlock, who are simply raising them as livestock.

Would we not be on the same path if our government supplied our every need? Would we accept the role of the subjugated if it meant our material happiness was secured, for however long we might live?

What would actually happen if all debt was erased? What are the implications regarding wealth redistribution?

I’m hoping that people have enough wisdom to allow them to come to their senses after all the stealing and plundering.

The reason we are in such a mess right now is because liberals have mixed fraudulent debt with regular good debt and no one can figure out what is what anymore.

Robert Ware

French Creek


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