Deleting history of the Civil War

The renaming of streets and buildings and removing monuments that represent the “South” during the Civil War bothers me for a couple of reasons. This seems like the first step in deleting that part of our history/ What’s next- the rewriting of history books to remove Southern names and viewpoints concerning the Civil War?

If you forget your history you are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. Taking down statues of iconic figures is going to deprive parents of using them for a learning opportunity, when children see a statue they want to know who it is and what it represents, good or bad, it’s our history.

Everyone is so terrified of being labeled a racist that the views of a tiny minority of people that actually want Civil War names removed are given the spotlight. I promise you that most people have no problem with both sides of the Civil War’s iconic figures being illustrated if not for the fact that they have to be “politically correct.” We are headed down a path that makes me sad for the future of our country.

Timothy M. Simmons



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