McKinley stands up for Peace Corps

Since Peace Corps was created by President Kennedy in a 1961 Executive Order, more than 240,000 volunteers have served in over 141 countries on all 5 continents. More than 700 of them were from WV, approximately 400 of them still live in WV.

Congressman Mark Walker (R-NC) proposed an amendment to the 2020 State/Foreign Operations budget affecting 11 international programs, reducing the Peace Corps budget to $0.

Under the guise of balancing the budget, this would have ultimately increased federal spending. It takes more to shut down and reopen programs in 62 countries than to maintain existing programs. That does not even consider the harm that is done to education, health, and other host country programs that would be adversely affected, or the damage done to our national registration.

Congressman David McKinley (WV-1) voted with 40% of his fellow Republicans to defeat this amendment. Our other Representatives, Carol Miller (WV-3) and Alex Mooney (WV-2), voted to eliminate Peace Corps totally in 2020.

On behalf of the Peace Corps community in West Virginia, I want to thank Mr. McKinley for his support when we needed him.

Scott King, president

WV Returned Peace Corps Volunteers