Reader upset by county spending

As a taxpayer and concerned Randolph County citizen, I have a real problem with the Randolph County EMS spending and wasting the money to operate that facility.

Why does the EMS need to be purchasing a $70,000 Tahoe plus the lights, sirens and emblems? I also saw last year they purchased a high-dollar F250 Ford truck.

I see many other things much more important to be buying for the wellbeing of Randolph County citizens, like getting somebody to work weekends at the Harman EMS building. From Saturday to Monday morning, there is no staff. That’s when you need them the most because people are traveling, hiking, motorcycling and four-wheel riding.

I personally feel that the director doesn’t need to be riding around in such lavish vehicles.

Plus stop raising property taxes, fire fees, and now I understand they are wanting an EMS fee. Even in the cowboy days the gangsters didn’t rob the taxpayers of their money like this.

I respect every firefighter, in which I used to be one, EMS workers, but I have a real problem with the authority board authorizing such wasting of money in the is county. It is out-of-control spending.

Correct the problem!

Linda M. Teter