Taxes and lawsuits

I remember when our state sued tobacco companies over people getting cancer. Yet the people who died from tobacco got nothing. This is just a rip-off for our state to get money.Yet it is still OK for tobacco companies to sell their products as long as the state gets tax money from the sales. They don’t care about the people just the tax from it.

Now here we are again, people hooked on doctor-written drugs and the only thing the state thinks about is suing the drug companies. Not about what they can do to help the people who got on other drugs because their doctor was forced to remove them from prescribe drugs they were on. So the people hooked on prescribed drugs turned to drugs like meth and other more dangerous drugs. And the only thing the state is willing to do is sue the drug companies

Alcohol is one of the most dangerous. Yet it is OK because the state taxes it.

There is something wrong with this picture, I will let you figure it out for yourself.

Lloyd Price