Grateful to volunteers and first responders

Once again, disaster has hit the town of Harman. It’s a sad thing to see what water can destroy in so short a time. It will take months or even years to get back or close to what Harman once was.

The people are strong and they care for each other. On the bright side, they are blessed that they live where everyone come to help — the fire departments, Division of Highways, the National Guard and the people who give money, cleaning, supplies, food and baby items.

The Beverly Fire Department is a collection station and has delivered several loads that were donated. Several counties have brought truck loads to help in the time of need. The firefighters give their time and are the first to appear when needed. These people come regardless of the weather, day or night.

These men and women give up so much family life freely because they care. They are all to be commended for their service. They spend hours in classes and training to be trained for whatever comes up. Wrecks, fires, trees down, searching for lost hunters and children, and they do it for all of us.

These people taking donations give their time when disasters happen. West Virginians are called hicks and hillbillies, but we all are human and have big hearts when disaster strikes.

Thanks to all first responders. May God bless and keep you all safe.

Robert Phillips