Mounting debt will lead to a collapse

I find it very troubling that after a few months of listening to Democrats vie for the presidential nomination that gross government overspending has not even been mentioned.

While President Trump is just starting his campaign, I can only hope that he addresses this problem instead of avoiding its mention as he has done in his first two years.

Our current government debt to our creditors stands at $22.2 trillion. I don’t pretend to understand all there is to know about our debt, but any idiot can understand that an increase of over a trillion dollars from 20018 to 2019 is not a sound way to run our country.

If we can’t decrease spending at a time of relative peace and prosperity in our country, what hope is there? Are we spending all the extra money on border security? I think not.

This will lead to our country’s collapse, not might but will, and our politicians don’t even think it worth a mention.

Timothy M Simmons