Reader perceives a major lack of respect

If the Republicans really stop and listen to Trump’s racist comments, lies, unlawful acts, then how can you vote for a man like this?

Who pays for the tariffs Trump put on China? Not China, we do when we buy things made in China. So this hurts us, not China.

Vice President Pence stood in front of cages and said how great the refugees have it. How can we call ourselves Americans and vote for people like this?

Trump texts that four of our congresswomen of color need to go back to their own country, when three of them were born here and the other is a full citizen here, This president is against people of color, How can you vote for someone who hates two thirds of Americans?

His wife became a citizen when he married her. We don’t tell her to go back to her country. What a price she had to pay to become a citizen, marrying a man like him.

Trump has no respect for the U.S., women, anyone who is of color, or even himself.

Lloyd Price