Reader questions proposed ordinance

Please get a copy and read the proposed ordinance “Draft unsafe buildings and lands ordinance” from the Randolph County Commission office.

I feel this will be one of the “biggest land grabs” in the history of Randolph County! This proposed ordinance is nothing but control of farm land and private property. Therefore, promoting higher taxes for the citizens!

Be sure to read the fine print! It not only talks about dilapidated houses, buildings, and junk cars. Under the stipulations of Refuse and Debris, this can be as simple as a vehicle sitting with a flat tire or missing a battery (Item 15 a-c). And if the person in violation does not comply with the ordinance you will be fined $100 each day, per violation!

Think about the stress and anxiety this might cause on elderly and low-income families who live on fixed incomes. Do you not have any sympathy in your heart for the citizens and taxpayers of Randolph County?

No one has the right to be on private property! The County Commission is trying to take our private property rights from us! They are opening doors for the public to be on our land!

The elected county commissioners paid Sutton Stokes a sum of $2,625 to be their mouthpiece for the public meetings being held to present the proposed ordinance to the Randolph County citizens. The citizens of Randolph County already elected and paid the county commissioners to be a voice for the county.

Halene Ogden



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