Reader upset by recent celebrations

I wish I lived in Elkins or Buckhannon, so I could pack up and leave. Between the obnoxious Home Rule and the Pridefests celebrating behavior between members of the same sex, there is no attraction in those places for me.

Several things bother me about this year’s “celebrations,” the first of which is that the Elkins fest was hosted by WAIC. What!? Where’s the connection? Is there a chapter or section in the mission of the organization that allows or encourages this extra-curricular activity? Couldn’t Andrew Schneider handle the details, or is he busy figuring out how to approach the Legislature with more pleading in January? That absurd remark he made about his critics simply shows his ignorance. He said something to the effect that the critics should take a lesson from Jesus about love. Baloney! Jesus knows more about love than anyone on this planet and the love of which Schneider speaks is not in God’s handbook.

Consider this; I believe to hate someone means you won’t be remorseful should they die. I also submit that to love someone (a neighbor or friend) will have an opposite effect. That kind of love is different from the boy-meets- girl kind of love, which is the beginning of the natural process established by God to populate and preserve the existence of humankind in the earth.

There are lessons in the Bible showing the consequences of fraternizing with people or tribes that have been rebuked or rejected by God, with the story of Samson and Delilah being a classic example.

A question to Buckhannon Mayor McCauley: Exactly what are the contributions of the gay population that make Buckhannon a marvelous place to live? Have they a special talent not found in the general public? You go on and on and on in your speech about how valuable they are to society as if they were something really special, but ignorant me, I can’t see it.

This is where we are readers. It’s all proof that the “priders” will stop at nothing to further the acceptance of their life style. They have duped a lot of people. Are you going to be one of them? God help us all.

Harold Arbogast