Weaponizing words to use as a tool

Liberals are obsessed with race. They weaponize certain words in order to use them as a tool to strike out when you disagree. A while back I was involved in a conversation about Puerto Rico. After looking at pictures of homes with bars on the windows and doors, I asked about Puerto Rico’s crime situation.

After hearing his response, I said it didn’t sound like a place I’d want to live. Out of nowhere, a metal-laden, tattooed woman called me a racist. Things really went downhill when I said she looked like the sole survivor of an explosion at the paint and fishhook factory. As you might imagine, she didn’t appreciated my levity.

At that point, I was a racist, as well as a sexist. At 64 years old, I thought I’d heard every expletive in the book, but I was wrong. There were words rolling off her tongue I’d never heard before. Eventually she became so infuriated at my laughing in her face, she jumped in her car and drove off. As she pulled out, I noticed something.

She had New Jersey tags on her car. If she’s a representation of people in New Jersey, I wouldn’t live there either. I have no idea how a conversation about crime became a racial issue. This is an example of the liberal attack dogs. I intentionally jerked her chain because I refuse to tolerate unprovoked attacks, or a liberal dimwit calling me a racist.

There’s a similar battle going on in Congress. AOC and her “Leninist Girl Scout Troop” has been locking horns with Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi made the mistake of coming to AOC’s defense over her troop’s anti-Semitic comments about Israel, and their constant barrage of attacks against the border patrol. As expected, it didn’t go well.

After jumping to their defense, AOC and her band of socialist dimwits quickly became the new face of the Democratic party, and it didn’t sit well with scores of voters within the party. Now they’re scrambling to “right the ship” and shake free of the “true face” of the Democratic Party, but the damage has already been done, and there’s no fixing it.

If the internal squabbles continue, AOC and her allies will have crafted the party’s demise in 2020. Frankly, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving crew.

For 30 years, the Democrats have degraded, berated and browbeat America. Trump is exactly what America needs, a person who isn’t afraid to speak his mind and call out America’s domestic enemies.

Randy Brooks