Why so much anger?

On May 11, Lloyd Price’s article, “Republican Anger” came out in The Inter-Mountain. He seemed confused about our anger. Well Lloyd, I’ll clear that up. We’re angry because the Democrats are trying to destroy the Constitution. We don’t like being taxed to death and we despise the racial tensions created by Barack Obama.

We’re angry because the Democrats are destroying America through illegal immigration, open borders, while using their attack dogs in the mainstream media to go after patriots who love America. We’re tired of the attacks on conservatives and Christians, and Democrats weaponizing hate for political gain.

We’re angry that Democrats wasted millions on investigations rooted in lies, deception and character assassinations. We’re upset that “your” party ignores Ilhan Omar’s barrage of anti-Semitic attacks on Israel.

We’re angry that Democrats are destroying traditional family values by promoting homosexual lifestyles in our public schools.

Tell us, Mr. Price, are Democrats so desperately afraid of Trump they’re willing start a war with Iran in an attempt to make him lose the 2020 election? Oh yes, we’re angry, that murderers, rapists, drug dealers and child molesters roam our streets because “your” illustrious party would rather coddle criminals than punish them.

And don’t forget the 60 million babies slaughtered in Democrat-sponsored abortion clinics over the last 46 years. You said, “You can’t talk to them or make a comment without them calling you names and getting mad.” Democrats call us fascist, white supremacist, homophobes, racist, transphobics, sexist and Nazis, and your pal Hillary even called us “deplorable” and you accuse us of name-calling.

In your response to the Mueller Report, you wrote, “Now Trump has turned Mitch, Barr, Kelly Ann and a lot of others into liars. Even Pence.” What happened, Lloyd?

Months earlier you were all excited about the Mueller Report, claiming it would lead to Trump’s impeachment. Now that the report’s out and it didn’t suit your narrative, it’s an elaborate cover-up and anyone associated with it is a liar or co-conspirator. You not only slurp the left-wing Kool-Aid, you bath in it. People like you give me the heebie-jeebies.

At one time I thought the most dangerous persons on earth were idiots with guns, but after reading your letters, I must admit I was wrong. It’s a fool with internet access.

Randy Brooks