Each political party demonizing the other

In Robert Ware’s June 22nd letter of The Inter-Mountain, he aired his grievances with Democrats and told a little too eagerly how he can’t wait to vote for Trump again.

Has anyone noticed that he hasn’t said one single thing that Democrats did that makes him such a staunch Trump supporter? Besides that whole demonizing the Right thing, that is. What policies do Democrats fight for that makes him so against them?

Of all the Democrat candidates he mentioned, what one or two things have they done or said that makes him absolutely dead set on not voting for them and going hard for Trump instead?

From my standpoint, he said nothing of consequence, not one single good example of what Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden have done that makes him write them off and embrace Trump with all the cringe-worthy manic zeal he flaunts a little too much for my tastes.

Robert Ware, and all the other Trumpcakes out there, I am yet again calling you out. For over two years I’ve been writing about my feelings for Trump, listing, multiple times, all of the things he has done.

When you praise Trump, you praise him kidnapping innocent children. When you approve of whatever he’s doing with absolution, you’re approving child torture. When you cheer for him, you’re cheering for the humanitarian crisis that is currently going on at the southern border.

Robert Ware, this is just one reason why we on the Left keep demonizing the Right. It’s because what Trump and his administration are doing is demonic! Children are sleeping on concrete floors. They’re being denied soap, blankets and toothbrushes, with a defense attorney going on public record trying to justify it! Children are dying! And it is happening under Trump’s watch.

That is what you’re voting for!

Edward S. Brenwalt