Medical issues require working phone service

My name is Debra K. Dove. My husband, James E Dove, has multiple medical issues, making it necessary for us to have phone service.

He has prostate cancer, end stages, six things wrong with his heart, a 23-year-old metal aortic valve, 23-year-old reimplanted arteries, has had three strokes, is at very high risk of bleeding issues (on coumadin), high risk of infection (valve has had vegetation before) and had to be scraped out with multiple antibiotics via IV’s, he has no eyesight on either side of eyes due to the three strokes, he is a veteran of the Vietnam War Era, and he has severe blockage from knee to thigh that they cannot operate on due to heart issues.

He is taking lupron shots, all he can do for the cancer now. He has had the cancer since 2002, with radiation failing.

Frontier will not come fix our phone issues, we have no landline phone at all now, no dial tone, and they are sitting in their cushy office, a woman telling me the problem is in my home, when I have told her for two days (phone has been out three days and nights now) that the problem is not inside the home because we plugged in outside in the box and there is no dial tone out there.

This has got to be fixed. What if something happens to my husband and I cannot call for help? We have no cell service here. Please help me by getting our story out there.

Also, Tuesday, this week, four days ago, we had phone service then. Frontier showed up while we was at heart and lung therapy at Grant Memorial Hospital. We had no idea they were showing up as the phone service was working then.

They ran over two 18-inch concrete blocks over to the side of our driveway, we have a circle driveway, and it is wide, we have huge trucks deliver here with no problems. Not sure who was driving but was a Frontier person did this, they left a note on our door. Also, the neighbor witnessed them do this.

We are through their handicap program. We were told we would have no more issues, problems have been going on like this with Frontier for 17 years. My blood pressure is extremely high due to that. I am down sick now too, hoarse, coughing, on high-powered antibiotics. I do not need all the stress.

Debra K. Dove



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