Party emphatic about destroying everything?

Democrats are the lowest form of life on earth, and they proved it again by threatening the USSC, telling them they had better “heel” like well-trained attack dog or face a major restructuring if they regain control of Congress. They tried backtracking by saying they meant “heal,” not heel, but we all know what they meant.

They are famous for changing things that don’t work to their advantage. We saw it when they rammed the “nuclear option” through Congress, and then wanted to eliminate it when “the shoe was on the other foot” because the Republicans decided to take advantage of it. Yes, I detest Democrats and all they stand for.

They love playing both ends against the middle, just like they have with gun control. They stick out their chest, praise their efforts to “save the world from evil guns,” and all the while, bragging about protecting a woman’s right to murder her child in an abortion clinic. Sixty million to date.

Democrats are emphatic about destroying things, and they’re very accomplished at it. They destroy property rights, families, morality, the Constitution, the USSC, national security, the economy, your retirement, wealth, healthcare, public education, churches, cities, free speech, free elections and a plethora of other things.

They’re just not satisfied unless they’re destroying something. They nearly destroyed the country, until Donald Trump came along.

Now, they’re trying to destroy the Second Amendment with their “Red Flag” laws. Satan’s little helpers are hard at work in the West Virginia Legislature, trying to impose the “Red Flag” laws on West Virginians.

Politicians claim they want to keep guns out the hands of the mentally ill. My goal is to keep pens out of the hands of mentally ill politicians. It’s been said, “The pen is mightier than the sword” and that’s been proven a million times over.

I urge you to vote any West Virginia legislator out of office for supporting “Red Flag” laws. If passed, registration is next, followed by confiscation. Write, call or email them, and tell them “No Red Flag” laws for West Virginia.

Randy Brooks