Political party differences

Mr. Edward S. Brenwalt, recently demanded that I explain why I am not voting for any of the Democrat candidates for president: Well: here goes.

The Democrats are desperate for a win and, as such, have pulled out all the stops to keep the House and regain control of the Senate as well as the White House.

However, their obstruction/resistance tactics have not gone unnoticed by the public as typified by Judge Kavanaugh’s hearing, a well orchestrated attempt to besmirch the character of President Trump’s nominee and delay the proceedings until after the election.

The Democrats never had any intention to vote for Judge Kavanaugh under any circumstance and said so before his name was even put forward by the President. Their attack on the Judge has backfired causing Independents and energized Republicans to push back.

Republican Party favorability is soaring.

Liberals like Mr. Brenwalt might find their antics amusing, but the Democrats’ shady tactics is costing them the confidence of Americans citizens. They have simply tweaked the public’s nose one too many times.

Democrats feign innocence when their tactics are discussed. This means they are either naive or complicit.

Despite the obstruction/resistance tactics of the Democrats, President Trump and the Republicans have already been able to:

• Raise the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

• Create millions of new jobs.

• Lower unemployment to record levels.

• Lower African-American and Hispanic unemployment to the lowest levels in history.

• Lower the unemployment rate for somen to its lowest level in 65 years.

• Reduce the number of people on food stamps (a reduction of 3.5 million Americans).

• The tax cuts have put more money in people’s pockets and caused businesses to reinvest in the United States.

• Raise oil production to new highs.

• For the first time ever, America has become an exporter of Natural Gas.

• The country will soon be the largest energy producer.

• Replaced NAFTA with the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

• Negotiate fair trade deals with other countries, including the EU, India, Japan, South Korea, China, and others.

• Tighten security for illegal immigration.

• Upgrade the military and tended to the well-being of veterans.

This is not speculation, this is fact.These accomplishments have put people back to work, put more money in our pockets, created jobs, brought companies back to our shores, and given workers a renewed sense of pride.

And let us not forget Congressional Democrats fought these economic changes every step of the way.

Our economic prosperity is causing people to abandon the Liberal Democrats, including steel workers, coal miners, union workers, auto workers, and many others; people who traditionally gravitated toward the Democrats but now feel abandoned by them. In their place, the Democrats have embraced an influx of Socialists who believe in redistributing the wealth.

American citizens have taken notice and do not want to return to the old days of a stagnant economy. They want to move forward instead.

Why would anyone vote for a Democrat?

In my humble opinion only a few come to mind, party loyalty, naivete, the desire to promote a Socialist agenda, extreme hatred for the President and Republicans, deception by the party, ignorance or just plain stupidity. There is no other logical explanation.

As a poor old uneducated country boy I can not name one thing the Democrats have done to make my life better in the last two years.

Mr. Brenwalt, can you?

Conservatives, keep the faith!

Robert Ware

French Creek