Reader walking though today’s ‘insanity field’

It is not good, I will surely hear, to be as furious and bitter as I am right now while recuperating from life-saving surgery that saps your strength, the strength you need to get around and stay a little active and do the things your health care providers prescribe for home health healing and a speedier recovery. I take a routine med for blood pressure but I doubt it’s worked as well as it might these days. The biggest part of home recovery is “take it easy.”

OK, let’s walk through the insanity field again. It was a few days before going to the hospital and my wife and I had stuff to do on the day of the El Paso massacre, inside and outside and we didn’t have the TV on to any of the news channels all afternoon. I came inside hoping to catch at least one of the major networks newscasts at either six or six thirty, and that’s the first we heard about El Paso.

The station we had last been watching was The Weather Channel. I had a couple minutes so I started surfing. The first channel without commercial was CNN and something was wrong. Hate-monger Don Lemon had been and was still interviewing a long stream of far-left Never Trumpers, all of whom were absolute in their conviction that this was the President’s fault and there’s no way he can deny it. I don’t know where Anderson Cooper was but I checked back and forth in the course of the evening and he was doing the same thing as Chris Cuomo and Lemon, talking to a grieving relative, putting words in their mouths and urging them to condemn Trump, using loaded questions and taking advantage of grieving people.

By the time I turned on the news in the ICU Tuesday evening MSNBC and CNN had it all wrapped up. They had interviewed hundreds of experts and all were in accord; it was the President’s fault, it was settled and we needed to begin immediately to get rid of him. Revelation! This massacre is the fault of the Democrats and CNN,CBS, ABC, NBC and MSNBC and their cronies.

I wrote a letter to the editor recently and explained my views on what hate and love really mean. Love takes on many definitions and is explained in the Bible if you care to look at it. Hate has narrower parameters. I believe to truly hate someone means you don’t care if they live or die.

I believe the Democratic party of the U.S.A., including many of their active politicians and MSNBC and CNN high management, are consumed with hate to the core and require the same from their employees. Beginning immediately I am swearing to all that I will be voting a straight ticket every election until I die. I’ve long since run out of empathy for the creeps.

MAGA, KAG and may God bless the USA.

Harold Arbogast