Sensationalism also to blame in mass killings

I am very saddened by the mass killings in our country and around the world. However, I feel it is time that someone also points the finger at a major reason for these copy cat killings ,and that is the sensationalism caused by the media that includes television, radio and newspapers.

We mostly all agree that gun law changes must be made and that mental health issues should prohibit guns from being in the hands of those with mental illness. Assault style weapons should only be in the hands of the military or police officers.

Yet, what if we stopped giving out names, posting pictures and going on for days about these tragic, sick, perverted crimes? Will this help just a little to stop that one person from taking more lives and trying to outdo the previous tragedy?

Come on, media mobiles, let’s stop worrying about making money from these sad, sad events and accept the blame where it lies. The copy cat killers will no longer envision themselves as a media stars and just be left behind bars or recipients of other just punishments.

Jerry W. Trimboli