IRS refund would slash power bills

If the government is serious about cutting carbon emissions to “save the planet,” a great place to start would be to provide a pathway for home owners to implement solar and wind power.

An IRS refund of $5,000 dollars per household to be used on solar and\or wind power would make most houses carbon neutral, or at least get them well on their way to no power bill. This one-time investment by our government would be a gift that keeps on giving, freeing up $3,000 dollars or more yearly, that would be spent back into our communities, bolstering our economy. Think about all the coal, oil, and natural gas ghat would not be burnt in our nation’s poweplants plants.

The only losers would be utility companies and the fossil fuel industry. But if our country is serious about curbing carbon emissions, this is the obvious place to start.

Timothy M. Simmons



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